At busy exhibitions and trade fairs, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. So, we help you stand out.

Creating an immersive and attractive atmosphere is the key to orchestrating a successful exhibition. Our team administers a fine-tuned skill set to deliver aesthetically pleasing and thoroughly engaging outcomes in accordance with brand values.

  • Development of floor
    plan and space design

    • Autocad/ 3D designs of the exhibition area
    • Development of blueprints of customized stalls of varying sizes as per requirement
      of the organizers
  • Designing

    • Designing the interiors of each stall as per the requirement of the exhibitors
    • Designing of event collaterals and promotional material
  • Production

    • End-to- end fabrication and set-up
    • Indoor & outdoor branding
    • Printing of event collaterals
  • Audio-visual support

    • Provision of all equipment
    • Power supply
    • Onsite technicians
  • Logistic support &
    onsite management

    • Registration – pre-exhibition and onsite
    • Travel and surface transportation
    • Stall management
    • Catering
    • Permissions & licenses
    • Security arrangements